2013: Year in Review

Here are some highlights from this year:

In January we began hosting a worship service in our home. We enjoyed visits from some 60 different individuals and were blessed with two new sisters in Christ. Please continue to pray for Reimi and Ayumi as the continue their walk as Christ followers.

In February we held a prayer and brainstorming session that started gears on motion for what would later become TRDI and Nakamadatcha Daisakusen (see below).

Up through May we continued to help facilitate teams of volunteers.

In June we hosted the Craig and Leslee Altrock family as a Let’s Start Talking Team.

Jonathan and Hijiri travelled to the Colorado in July where Jonathan had the wonderful opportunity of performing his niece, Breanna’s wedding.

In August we formally closed a chapter of service with Be One and began TRDI (Tohoku Recovery and Development Initiative)–a community development ministry based on insights from asset-based community development, appreciative inquiry, and participatory action research.

More or less simultaneously we began the Nakamadatcha Daisakusen, an appreciative inquiry initiative in which we interview local shops, write up their stories and publish them in booklet form to redistribute in the community.

In October, Michiko organized and facilitated Project Hohoemi. This was an amazing project in which 5 professional photographers came to Ishinomaki and provided portrait photography services for over 300 individuals.

Throughout the year Jonathan partnered with the Liberty Music Project to teach Gospel music in several local Junior High Schools.

We made many new friends, experienced blessings and victories, made many mistakes, and prayed and worked daily to see God’s kingdom come and will be done within our own lives and sphere of influence as it is in heaven–failing often but blessed by God’s grace and the grace of many friends and family.

May 2014 bring you and yours closer to the heart of the Maker of Heaven and Earth, the one who tabernacles with us in our mess, our Savior and our Lord, the one who reigns as a Slain Lamb. Peace in him!

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